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Welcome To Dothan Estate Sales

Dothan estate sales came to be do to the demand for our services requested by our customers. I could go on and on here about us and our company information, but we would rather you stop by our store Picky Pickerton’s to have a laugh with us. We love Instagram and Facebook and we are constantly posting about our upcoming and current sales. Please find our telephone number and email address at the top or bottom of any page. We look forward to meeting you and hope to see you at one of our sales soon!

About Dothan Estate Sales

To provide the best experience for our customers and clients while upholding the highest work and business practices. We look forward to being around for a long time. We hope to make many lasting relationships with you and our our Customers.
Never Give up. Simple…

I couldn’t think of a better philosophy to describe how Jason and I operate.

To offer the best service and experience, all the time. Dothan Estate Sales is a Bonded and Insured Company as well. All while having a big smile on our faces!
We will not be outdone by anyone. Business is usually not about who looks better, but who you like better. We are your guys. Call us.

Our Crazy Skills

Service 100
Dependability 100
Honesty 100
One Stop Shop 99