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Dothan Estate Sale Services

Here at Dothan Estate Sales, we believe in building life-long relationships with our clients and customers. Getting to know you on a personal level, allows us to better meet your needs and accommodate your request for our services.

We have taken the things we like and dislike in the local estate sale business and have tried to stand out as our own, successful business. Both Whitney and I  have a long family history in the community and a vast range of knowledge in appraising, staging, and selling personal property.

100% Bonded and Insured. Consultations are always free. So before you think of getting rid of ANYTHING, give us a call and let us do the work for you. 334-603-2777

Always feel free to contact us on Social Media as well. We are always quick to respond to Facebook.


Is the best policy and the only way to do Business


We try to give our clients every bit of good and bad information we come across. We feel that being upfront and honest is the only way to conduct business.


We practice great business all the time!

While you're away

Whether we are working at 1am or the middle of the day, conducting business according to principles we picked up in the military are most important. Integrity First, is one principle we stand by.


Being early is on time and being on time is late.

You can count on us!

We will always be where we say we will be, when we say we will be. We feel that a customer should never have to wait on us. Accidents do happen but you can bet we will keep you notified.


We always show up with a smile on our Faces!

You better smile!

We cannot stand to see a business be rude to their clients or customers. We are here to serve you as well as make life long relationships. On another note, if you aren’t smiling, don’t get mad if we make you! 🙂


At Dothan Estate Sales, we try to list all of our services here. We are capable of many odd and end jobs that we may not have listed here. If we can’t perform them, we have many contacts that can help. Our goal is to take as much work off of you as we can. Let us handle the details and you collect a check.

Why Choose Dothan Estate Sale Services?

      • Willing and Ready to accommodate you at any time!
      • Small, Hands on business owners.
      • Local with long ties to the community.
      • Knowledgeable, Dependable, and Honest!
      • Our Services are like no others in comparison.

What Client’s Say

Amazing, top notch service. The boys did way more than we ever expected. We were unsure of the process going into hiring a company but Jason and Spencer made it a very pleasurable experience. I did not have to worry about a thing and they sold much more than originally quoted. Great guys!
We had a property that had sat dormant for many years. Jason and Spencer took it on head first. I would have never come close to some of the things they dug out. In the end, they performed well above a business as new as theirs. Thank you!
These guys are Fantastic!!! They are selfless and hard working! Great to work with!
Talia, Click
Okay so we got lost going to Headland I told my partner in our little adventure I have the directions written down she says I have GPS. I say I’ve got this so we get talking and the next thing I know we are driving almost full circle of course GPS was wrong till it rewrighted up and we were on our way again. Many turns and a tractor obstacle later we arrive at the estate sale! I throw my mask on and we get out ok ok yes I wear one. I have severe allergies I have to! We approach the front door and we feel right at home because we are greeted with a smile and I know you! Do you know how the ! If you are looking for fun times and some well priced treasures follow and don’t forget to like Dothan Estate Sales! We had a great time and will be looking for their next sale and if you come look for that lady with the mask . Happy Finds
Lynn, Click
I’ve been to a couple of estate sales done by these guys. They’re knowledgeable, friendly & make it fun to shop. I have found some unique items at great prices. Thank y’all for putting on awesome sales. I plan to attend many more!
Tracy, Click